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Where it all started

Kyouka Ramen is a 20-seat dine-in only authentic japanese ramen restaurant located at 2222 Queen St E in the Beaches neighborhood of Toronto. Kyouka’s beginning started in 1998 when Machida-san opened his restaurant in Tokyo after competing in ‘Ramen Touryuumon’, a well-known ramen competition in Japan. Machida-san pioneered a new age of Japanese ramen by pushing the traditional boundaries and understanding of making ramen broth. His radical philosophy dubbed as ‘Kyouka-ism’ has helped transcend ramen culture in Japan.

‘Kyouka-ism’ in Toronto

One of Machida-san’s apprentices Kenji-san, brought the revolutionary philosophy in Toronto and it is very well received by Toronto foodie community including myself. He describes his ramen as being ‘honest, earnest, and genuine’ – true to ‘Kyouka-ism’. He isn’t wrong, that is exactly what you taste in each bowl of ramen. A pride of Kyouka Ramen is making each bowl of ramen from scratch using seasonal ingredients and you will see them prepare your bowl on their open kitchen.

What’s on the menu

The menu features nine bowls of ramen on either Shio broth or Shoyu broth. A bowl of ramen at Kyouka will cost you between $11 to $15 depending on your preferences (double toppings). Aside from ramen you can also order appetizers and side dishes like Chicken Karaage and Donburi. I personally recommend their Karaage as a side dish for your ramen. They also feature a robust list of japanese drinks like Japanese beer, Sake, Yuzu Sake, Takara plum wine and assortment of local drinks. For dessert you can get green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream, I recommend black sesame ice cream because it goes well as an ending for your ramen meal.

What you should order to eat

Before I reveal my ramen of choice I want to do a little lesson on eating ramen. Here are a few things you should know according to Kyouka Ramen restaurant:

  1. It is best to finish your ramen within 8 minutes.
  2. The soul of ramen is preserved with a proper balance of the broth, oil, sauce and noodles. According to them, In Japan, when this balance is lost, it is no longer considered a ramen.
  3. You eat ramen by slurping, this is the most authentic way. The art of slurping is well-mannered, cultivated and refined.
  4. Try to finish your soup.

Now, onto my favorite at Kyouka Ramen. There is no other ramen in Toronto that makes me dream about it other than their ‘Special Shoyu Ramen’ ($13). Composed of edible kelp stock, chicken broth made from scratch, soy & clam base liquid seasoning, aromatic oil, medium boil egg, chicken, pork chasu, wood ear mushroom, green onions, seaweed and crown daisy. Man, listing all these down makes me drool. This ramen has a clear broth, kind of like a consomme soup, the taste is very clean, simple and will leave you wanting for more.

Special Shoyu Ramen at Kyouka Ramen

Did I mention that this ramen is limited edition and only available in the Beaches location? Ha! Yes, it is only available during February and March so you have only 3 days left to try it so go before March ends. I think that you shouldn’t wait for next year to try this ramen. If you can’t make for March, you can try 8 other ramen on the menu or the next limited edition ramen.

That would be it for my ramen review. Let me know on the comment section below what you think of Kyouka Ramen restaurant, Let me know if there is a cuisine you want me to go try.

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