5 Interesting Brands to Check Out in Manila, Philippines



Dubbed as the “The Pearl of the Orient”, couldn’t be truer – it will take your breath away once you go see Manila. It has a very active nightlife and there are tons of places to hang out. It is true that you never really lived life to the fullest until you have seen this part of the world.

Recently Manila has been making the news about the positive improvements happening, from economic boom to safety and security, there is no better time to go see Manila than now. Manila loves their street culture and you will see that by the way they eat, drink and dress up.

Here are 5 interesting brands that are doing some cool mojo in Manila that you should go check out whenever you go visit:

We Drool Supply Co.

Rooted in a passion for street culture and guided by their philosophy “Dare to be rare” We Drool Supply Co. has been designing really cool street wear worthy of an international audience.


We Drool Supply Co. is seen sported by popular band groups in Manila like Chicosci, Typecast, and Queso to name a few. They make designs that I have never seen in Manila before and that is the reason why this brand is my favorite brand in Manila.

If you are in Manila and want one of We Drools you can visit Big H Skate Co. Shop located on the ground floor of Market! Market! near Bread Talk and Tribal.

In case you are outside of the Philippines, you can order their items at vibeant.com shop and they will ship it to any part of the world.

Follow We Drool Supply Co. on Facebook and Instagram.

Hawker Street

Now onto the delicious stuff, Hawker Street is dishing out the best Asian fusion street food you can find in Manila.

From Yakitori to Fish balls in different sauces like curry, seasoned vinegar or the most popular Mang Juan sauce, which is a Filipino fishball sauce that is sweet with a hint of garlic.

Located at Savour Manila Food Park, 238 Tomas Morato Ave., Brgy. South Triangle, Diliman Quezon City you can never go wrong with their vast variety of food and beer match.


Follow Hawker Street on Facebook and Instagram.

Roviry Men’s Clothing

Roviry Men’s Clothing is your “go to” for that dapper street look. Their products are hand picked focusing on versatility and simplicity. Recently seen sported by Alden Richards, one of the most popular celebrities in the Philippines, the clean look by Roviry Men’s Clothing is something that is very popular in the Philippines.

To find out how to order or see their products visit their Facebook and Instagram page for details.


This one is the most interesting brand on the list. Sparks is a Philippine brand focusing on providing eco-friendly alternative transportation with their electric scooters.

These scooters are currently available in 3 different models and can reach a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. So whether you are just strolling around BGC or going for your daily commute, these scooters are a great alternative to gas powered vehicles.

Check out Sparks’ Facebook page for more details about their products.


“A toil for a craft” is the philosophy behind every great design Bearskin creates. Established in November of 2015, their designs remind me of surfing clothing companies like Billabong or Quicksilver.

Their collection release is very limited so better check their Facebook group Bearskin Social for any update on upcoming collection.

Follow Bearskin on Facebook and Instagram.

That will be it for my short article and I hope you like my choices. If you know a brand I should check out please leave a comment below.


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