UDD’s New MV “Sigurado” Is All Tokyo Feels and Mizuki Shida

Youtube: Sigurado by UDD


Last October, UDD released the official music video for their new viral single “Sigurado”. The new music video is filmed completely in the streets of Tokyo, Japan, and boy! it will make you want to book a flight to Tokyo right away, Well, that’s what happened to me at least, not only that, you also get to fall in love on a date with Mizuki Shida

Where in Tokyo?

The music video happens in the point of view of someone who is going out on a date with Mizuki. The video intros to a picturesque Tokyo skyline, which, in my best guess taken from the Tokyo City View And Sky Deck, an impressive 360-degree bird’s-eye view of Tokyo, including landmarks like Shinjuku Gyoen, the National Diet Building, Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree.

Picture of Tokyo Sky View

The music video continues on to picking her up from work, walking around Tokyo while doing a food crawl, taking it easy at the park and capping the date on a night out, the best of all Mizuki stares and tells you “Zettai” which means “Definitely” or “Sigurado” in Tagalog, the title of the song.  Based on how the music video made me feel, “zettai” is probably her response to “It was wonderful spending the day with you, I’d love to see you again”.

Who is Mizuki Shida?

You are probably wondering right now who is Mizuki Shida? Mizuki is a star in a Netflix Original reality TV show in Japan called “Terrace House: Boys & Girls In The City“. The show’s format is similar to Big Brother where strangers move into a house and start living their lives together.  Mizuki is a barista and a fashion model for various magazines in Japan. You will see in the video how great she is with latte art and how charming & lovely she is.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, get ready to fall in love with Tokyo and Mizuki-chan.

Watch the official music video for Sigurado by UDD:


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